Meatloaf gets a bad rap—but it’s a supersimple, hearty dinner you can get on the table in no time. And if you punch up the flavors and don’t overcook it, who wouldn’t like meatloaf? Traditionally made with ground beef, it’s then topped with barbecue sauce or ketchup so the meat forms a crust while baking. Add cherries, cremini mushrooms, prosciutto and spinach to upgrade this classic American comfort food, and use ground pork, sausage or turkey instead of beef. Replace the ketchup with a red-wine glaze, a creamy onion gravy or spicy tomato sauce. Find these recipes and more in our guide to meatloaf.

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Fideos Secos Tacos

These griddled tacos are filled with fideos secos, a Mexican dish of thin spaghetti cooked in a chile-based tomato sauce until the pasta has absorbed the flavor and rich red color of the sauce.
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Birria Tacos

A combination of two meats creates the best balance of tender texture (from the chuck roast) and succulence (from the short ribs). Each taco gets slow-cooked flavor from the adobo sauce.
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The Best Things In Life Are Mush

 Mush gets a bad rap, but it’s a foundational food group.
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A creamy, savory black bean puree drenches enchiladas filled with queso fresco in this warming and hearty dish. Avocado leaf serves a similar purpose as a bay leaf—imparting deep flavor before being removed prior to serving, leaving a faint fennel-like flavor behind.
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Laotian Khao Soi

Traditionally made with creamy coconut milk, this lighter, breakfast-style khao soi features a brightly flavored clear broth and fresh ribbons of zucchini.
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Ruby Tandoh on How She Got Into Baking

"Meaning is located in the impossible opera cake, or the baked Alaska, or the meringue buttercream: that thing that one day you will master."