Reality TV star Khloé Kardashian Odom of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar, gets scrutinized for her weight publicly, both by the tabloids and her own mother, Kris Jenner. Nevertheless, from homemade biscuits to Thai chile chicken wings, the bodacious celebrity stands firm when it comes to genuinely enjoying food. As she tells F&W, she also loves to cook, especially for her husband, NBA player Lamar Odom, and reveals her favorite quick Kardashian recipe and sweet vice.Slideshow: Khloé’s Favorite Restaurants »

Khloé Kardashian Odom

Best Thing About Cooking

“Cooking to me is really relaxing, and I love to try new things for my husband. I love to cook everything from scratch, so even if it’s biscuits, it’s not like I’m cooking Marie Callender’s biscuits. Lamar doesn’t really get how long things take to cook, and he wants me to make Thanksgiving feasts all the time.”

Lamar’s Favorite Meal

“I make a sweet potato soufflé and a green bean dish with smoked turkey legs. I put green beans in a big pot on the stovetop with smoked turkey legs and simmer it for four to five hours. I wait until the meat literally falls off the bone, and it really adds a ton of flavor to the green beans. I drain the liquid and let it simmer a little bit so more juices come out of the turkey meat and green beans. It’s really a heavy meal, but he’s a big, growing man, so he loves it. It’s my favorite meal to cook because it makes him happy.”

Fast and Easy Kardashian Family Recipe

“If I don’t have a lot of time and I know Lamar wants a hearty meal, I make whole wheat pasta primavera with three different types of peppers, carrots, zucchini and spicy Italian turkey sausage sautéed in olive oil with a few spices. It’s really, really easy to make. The longest part is the prep, just cutting and cleaning all the vegetables, but other than that it’s a very fast dish that my mom used to make. I make a great cheese bread to go with it. The cheese bread is a sourdough roll with garlic, salt and mozzarella cheese; it’s very, very yummy and fattening.”

Go-To Healthy Meal

“I’m a salad person. I make a lot of salads to have in my fridge throughout the day. I love spinach salads with pecans or walnuts and a fruit. Right now I’m into spinach with pecans, a little bit of feta cheese and pears. It doesn’t need dressing because the pears are so sweet and their juices come out as the salad sits in the fridge. I like to eat salads at most meals, and if I make baked chicken breast, I’ll add that.”

Favorite DIY Chicken Wings

“I make a lot of Thai chile chicken wings. I just glaze them in a Thai chile sauce that I make with Thai chile powder, a few other spices and olive oil—and bake them for about an hour. They’re really good and have a little tang and spice. I like spice, but not too much, just a little bit to add some flavor. I don’t think the wings are that bad for you, right? I personally don’t eat pork or red meat. Lamar and my brother Rob live with me, and they don’t eat a lot of red meat either. They’ll order a steak at a restaurant, but I really cook a lot of chicken or turkey in the house.”

Baking Therapy

“I really like to bake cupcakes, cakes and cookies with my little sisters and my stepkids. It’s more arts-and-craftsy, and it’s a great family activity. I want to learn how to make intense and intricate cakes. Lamar and everyone in this house love sweets, so that’s why it’s fun to make them. The baked goods are all gone in two seconds. I bought a bread maker and made my own pretzels the other day too. My best friend Malika will come over and say, “How are you making pretzels? Why are you making pretzels?” It’s just entertaining for me, and, again, I think it’s therapeutic.”

What’s in Those Gorgeous Cookie Jars on TV

“In the kitchen we have cookie jars with three different types of cookies: Oreos, Vienna Fingers and oatmeal cookies with a glaze. I got the jars at Target for about $15. The jars are OCD organized and lined up. People will screw with me and try to move my cookies around. They want to see how long it will take for me to notice that they’ve been moved. I never really eat them, but Lamar eats them constantly. Whoever comes over eats them too, even my filming crew. I have Skittles in jars everywhere in my house, and that’s what gets me more. But the cookies are more decorative.”

Sweet and Salty Vices

“Lamar is known in the NBA as being the candy man because he eats so much candy and sweets. I’m more of an ice cream girl. Ice cream is my vice. I love Dreyer’s rainbow sherbet or cookies-and-cream ice cream. Haagen-Dazs ice cream too. Of course, I’m craving it now, and I just came back from pilates. No ice cream for me today. Whatever’s worst for me is pretty much what I like. I’ll eat a whole box of Wheat Thins before I know it, and I get so mad at myself. They’re addictive while you’re watching TV. You would think I was a spokesperson for them, but I’m not. I love dipping Wheat Thins into hummus or peanut butter. Or with cheese. They’re just so good. I don’t like potato chips really, but I love pretzel crisps. They’re sold in a lot of airports, and I get addicted to eating them too.”

Best Late Night Snack

“I love fruit like apples and the seedless Cuties oranges. I eat those in the evening if I’m lying in bed. They’re good if you want a sweet fix and don’t want to feel guilty about eating before you go to sleep.”

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