Following a whopping three-out-of-four-starreview of Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, the casual Italian gourmet-shop-cum-restaurant, New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells continues to surprise readers today by awarding a star to Danny Meyer’s burger chain, Shake Shack. While Wells admits that the quality of a Shake Shack burger can be inconsistent, he declares that, “on occasion it was magnificent, as beefy and flavorful as the outer quarter-inch of a Peter Luger porterhouse.” Even if you can't stop into one of Meyer's cult quick-serve joints, burgers can make fast and satisfying weeknight dinners at home. Healthier than beef, these Spicy Chicken Burgersare poached in broth to keep them moist and flavorful, then served on pita bread with an avocado mash.