Hamburgers come in all flavors and sizes—mini sliders to quarter pounders, nacho-inspired burgers to brie-stuffed patties. Whether you prefer classic beef, heart-healthy turkey or vegetarian-friendly versions, the keys to any great burger are the toppings and seasoning. One of our favorite hamburger recipes is a Caprese-style recipe from F&W's Grace Parisi. She kneads basil pesto into the ground beef before it's grilled, and then tops the burger with more pesto, sliced tomatoes and melted mozzarella. It's a pretty simple upgrade from a traditional burger, and packs tons of great flavor. If you're a hamburger traditionalist, try these tips from Fleishers' Craft Butchery—they recommend keeping the uncooked patties extra cold and salting them right before they hit the grill—this will keep the burgers super tender. Get these recipes and more from Food & Wine's guide to hamburgers.

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Japanese-Style Chili Burgers with Yuzu Mayo
This burger is a two-hander, topped with Japanese-spiced chili, tomatoes, and shredded iceberg lettuce. Be careful not to overmix the beef before shaping it into patties; a light hand yields tender burgers.
BLT Smash-Burgers
We’re beefing up the summertime BLT with these smash-burgers—thin beef patties that are pressed onto a ripping hot plancha, or flat-top griddle, so they cook quickly and develop a smoky crust. Without grill grates, the juices from the burgers stay on the griddle, keeping them moist.Slideshow: More Burger Recipes
Classic Cheeseburgers
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Growing up I had one food love that, no matter the situation, style of restaurant, or time of day, completely stole my heart: the Almighty Cheeseburger. There’s just something magical about that handheld goodness that makes us instantly happier. When I started cooking, a juicy, cooked-to-perfection burger was on my top‑ten list of things to master.This recipe is for a classic, diner-style burger with all my favorite toppings. Adding a mustard layer to the beef before frying creates the most insanely delicious crust—you’ll be an immediate convert.From Eat Delicious by Dennis Prescott. Copyright © 2017 by Dennis Prescott. Reprinted by permission of William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Slideshow: More Burger Recipes 
F&W’s Ultimate Burger
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Meat master Pat LaFrieda of LaFrieda Meat Purveyors worked with us to create the most delicious homemade burger blend, combining five cuts of meat into the juiciest, beefiest and most consistently delicious burger you’ll ever have. The best part? You can also order it right from More Burger Recipes 
Bacon-Cheeseburger Sliders with Hickory Sauce
These incredibly juicy burger sliders from the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans are topped with a tangy and super-versatile barbecue-style sauce. Slather it on ribs, mix it into your shrimp cocktail sauce or use it as a dip for French fries. Slideshow: More Sliders Recipes 
The 5 Building Blocks of the Perfect Burger, According to Sean Brock
You may not be able to hop south to McCrady’s Tavern in Charleston, South Carolina when it opens today, but you can still get Sean Brock’s five rules to making the best cheeseburger at home. 

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Fleishers' Perfect Burger
For that perfect juicy-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside burger patty, head educational butcher at Fleishers’ Craft Butchery in New York City, Bryan Mayer, suggests keeping your uncooked patties extra cold and only salting them right before they hit the heat. Both tips ensure a super-tender burger, keeping those little bits of fat and moisture inside the beef. Slideshow:  More Burger Recipes 
18 Hamburger Recipes to Put on Repeat
Here are a collection of classic hamburger recipes that are perfect for your summer party.
Nacho Burgers
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Of all the burger recipes F&W has run (more than 100), and of the six from chef Bobby Flay, this one is the over-the-top best, with juicy meat, gooey cheese, salsa and tortilla chips. Slideshow: F&W’s Best Burger Recipes