This baked pasta dish is the quintessential way to serve a crowd.

By Kristin Donnelly
Updated May 23, 2017

Celebrate National Lasagna Day with these 11 creative versions.

1. Grandma’s Lasagna

Forget purists, with their béchamel sauce. For nostalgic lasagna, make it with ricotta and tomato sauce.

2. Sausage

Credit: © Quentin Bacon

Whether made with classic pork (above) or fancier lamb, sausage can only make your lasagna better.

3. White

Credit: © John Kernick

For an over-the-top cheesy lasagna, skip the tomato sauce in favor of one made with heavy cream. Wash it down with plenty of wine.

4. Flatbread

For a sort of lasagna-meets-bread-pudding, use store-bought flatbread instead of noodles.

5. Pumpkin

Credit: © Alexandra Rowley

For a healthier take on tomato-less lasagna, make a sauce with canned pumpkin puree.

6. Mushroom

Whether white or red, use mushrooms to make “meaty” vegetarian lasagna.

7. Alternative cheese

Who says Italian cheeses are required? Add any cheese that melts well, from smoked Gouda (above) to cheddar.

8. Alternative veggie

Want to boost your lasagna’s nutrient quotient? Add zucchini, sweet peppers (above) or even kale.

9. Puttanesca

Instead of the usual marinara or Bolognese, layer other popular tomato sauces in lasagna, like the olive-studded puttanesca.

10. Individual-size

Layer your ingredients in ramekins for lasagna “cupcakes.”

11. Salad

Want truly healthy lasagna? Don’t make it. Instead, use the noodles in a salad with antioxidant–rich walnut pesto.