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Rajma (Kidney Bean Curry) Veggie Burgers

Your quest for the perfect veggie burger is over. Agrawal’s version, adapted from a recipe in Lukas Volger’s cookbook, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, is absolutely delicious. Mashed rajma (curried kidney beans) or canned beans get an umami burst with the addition of grated Parmesan and a melty slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Eggs and toasted breadcrumbs bind the mixture together, ensuring it will hold together in the pan. And don’t skip the piles of toppings. They make this already wonderful burger even more special.

Tomatillo Chicken Stew with Sauvignon Blanc

This deliciously tangy salsa verde-stewed chicken gets served over sweet strands of spaghetti squash, a vitamin-rich and lower-calorie alternative to the usual rice or tortilla. A citrusy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has enough mouthwatering acidity to pair with the bright salsa and is a great match for the green flavors in the dish.


Smoky, melty "pimentón" cheese, crispy jamón serrano, and a savory-sweet aioli top beef patties in this towering tapas-inspired burger from Urdaneta, a popular tapas spot in Portland, OR. Kalimotxo, a Spanish red wine and cola cocktail, is the inspiration for the marvelously mauve aioli.

Waakye Is the Meanest Street Food Alive

Whether you savor it over banana leaves in a chop bar in Accra or at home in your own kitchen, waakye is an infinitely layered feast.

Plov Isn't Just a Rice Dish. It Contains Multitudes

Buttery, garlic-scented, fruit-studded plov is beloved across a range of Central Asian countries, in countless variations.

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Toad in the Hole

A crisp, buttery Yorkshire pudding embedded with crisp-skinned sausages, Toad in the Hole is an iconic British classic. Rosemary isn’t a traditional ingredient in the dish, but it delivers another layer of flavor to every bite. As it bakes, make a quick shallot gravy on the stovetop to ladle over each serving.

Beef-and-Fonio Meatballs with Sweet Potato Stew

Cooked until fluffy and dry like couscous, fonio, a West African staple grain, keeps the meatballs tender while imparting a mildly nutty, earthy flavor. These meatballs are on the delicate side—let them chill before cooking, and sear them on all sides to help them hold together during the final simmer in the sauce.