Comfort Food Recipes

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Romancing the Stove

Cooking is an act of love. Don't make it complicated.
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My Mom Daydreams About These Noodles

This bowl of noodles and loaf of bread became comfort, companion, and best friend for Iliana Regan's mother.
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Ruby Tandoh on How She Got Into Baking

"Meaning is located in the impossible opera cake, or the baked Alaska, or the meringue buttercream: that thing that one day you will master."
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More Comfort Food

Cauliflower Okonomiyaki

Tender and nutty sheets of cauliflower, held together with eggs and plenty of ginger and scallions, form the base of this savory pancake. Use a thin, flexible fish spatula to transfer the okonomiyaki from the pan to the sheet tray and back again; its wide surface area makes it easy.
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Spicy Sesame, Bacon, and Egg Congee

Taking a cue from Chef Mei Lin of Nightshade, we’re adding spicy pork, creamy egg yolks, and crunchy sesame to classic rice congee. Low and slow cooking is the key to its great texture; adjust the heat as needed to maintain a gentle bubble that results in tender grains.
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What Does 'Au Gratin' Actually Mean?

Everything sounds fancier in French.