By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 17, 2014
Credit: © Newscast / Alamy

As you might be aware, Starbucks recently announced that it will be giving away a lifetime of free coffee and food to 14 lucky people between now and Jan. 5. (OK, technically they get one drink and one food item for 30 years—that’s still a lot of freakin’ Starbucks.) But as we were downing our morning cappuccinos, we got to thinking: How much coffee is that, really? Because we are visual learners, we were happy that Starbucks made an infographic to tell us.

Just thinking about consuming this much caffeine is giving us the jitters, but on the other hand, having enough lattes to stack next to an army of giraffes would be pretty impressive.

If you want to win enough free coffee to ensure you never sleep again, you still have a few more weeks—just pay with a Starbucks gift card or their mobile app and sign up here.