And it wasn't so bad.
International Delights One Touch Latte
Credit: 2017 WhiteWave Services, Inc.

Turns out, sometimes you should follow the directions. Allow me to explain: As my husband and I prepared to test out International Delights' new One Touch Latte, we made an unspoken pact. We would not squirt the sweet stuff for the full five seconds recommended by the bottles themselves and this handy-dandy instructional video. Instead, we'd give it a solid two seconds and call it a cup—or a latte, if you will.

We assumed adding the recommended amount of the spray to our cheap coffee—a not-so-great brew we bought specifically for this experiment, to see if the One Touch Latte was capable of working real java miracles—would result in a sickeningly sweet sipping experience. Boy, were we wrong. Not only could those two seconds' worth of spray not mask the less-than-palatable coffee, they also weren't enough to bring out the flavors of the lattes we were testing: caramel, mocha, and vanilla.

So we went back to our mini fridge—we live in New York City, not a dorm, I swear—grabbed the three latte cans, and added a few seconds more spray to each cup. And what do you know? Those three lattes weren't half bad. In fact, I slurped the vanilla.

Pegged as an "instant latte," International Delight's One Touch Latte works like this: You brew a cup of coffee, fill your mug about two-thirds of the way, shake the bottle of the One Touch Latte of your choice, turn the nozzle toward your cup, and press the spray—which will shoot out like silly string—into your coffee for five seconds. Your coffee will turn a creamy color and a fun foam will form on the top of your cup.

International Delights One Touch Latte
Credit: Jillian Kramer

It looks every bit the part of the latte. (You can see how it works and looks here.) It even tastes a tad like it, too—if you follow the directions, that is, and don't skimp.

But of course, we can't honestly tell you that this new instant latte can replace your real latte needs. It just can't. A cup of coffee made with water and not milk will never have the same creamy texture of the real, indulgent deal. What we can tell you is that this new product could be an indulgent treat, one you whip out when you're sick of sipping black or unflavored coffee, or store for latte-loving overnight guests.

As proof this isn't a sponsored post, we're keeping the vanilla flavor. In fact, I may be sipping my second cup now...