By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 02, 2016

Rainbow foods and drinks of all kinds have been a ridiculously popular trend as of late. Even “rainbow coffee” has taken the internet by storm: photos of lattes made with crazy streaks of psychedelic colors in the foam have been a recent hit on Instagram.

But if photos don’t fulfill all your rainbow cravings, Gothamist has the answer. They hooked up with Kelsey Forde of Brooklyn Roasting Company to create the video above showing exactly what goes into nailing this colorful latte art. In the 100 second video, Forde shows off five different varieties of caffeinated artwork including things like a rainbow rose and a purple Prince tribute.

Of course, though the video is titled “Here’s How to Make a Rainbow Latte,” actually pulling off the feat yourself doesn't look that easy. Maybe rainbow foam art will get built into Keurig version 3.0 and mastering latte art will become a bit of a moot point.