By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 20, 2015

Not all do-it-yourself projects are created equal. And if you want to get really down and dirty, here’s one to try: Building a vacuum coffee maker out of old light bulbs.

Do you like using masks and sandpaper and pliers and screwdrivers and droppers and metal washers and and rubber gaskets and superglue and scissors and metal wire and magnets? Then Italian YouTuber Rulof Maker has a project for you.

While the coffee maker looks great, it might not be entirely useful. To quote one of the video’s commenter, “you've got hot acidic coffee in contact with the aluminum and industrial adhesive inside the base of the bulb and glass which isn't intended for use with food and therefore could contain lead or who knows what, plus a thin coating of anything that has vaporized off of the filament. don't f---ing drink that s---.” This DIY might just be for show.