Brooklyn's Gorilla Coffee has an exciting, high-tech espresso system at its new location. Here, what's special about the Modbar.

Brooklyn's Gorilla Coffee made a bold move in the world of high-tech espresso last week. The roaster's second location, just down the street from the original, opened with two ultra high-end machines: The Italian-made La Marzocco Strada EP, and a more unusual American Modbar system. What's special about the just-released Modbar? You can't see it. But the baristas can see you. Its hefty heat-and-pressure-generating components are hidden under the counter so customers can better interact with the experts pulling their shots. Gorilla is dedicating theirs to single-origin selections like bright, citrus-inflected beans from Gishamwana island in Rwanda. "I love putting these really bright coffees through the espresso machine," says co-owner Darleen Scherer. "If you have a coffee as a pour-over and you're not sure what's going on in it, have it as espresso and you'll get it. It's like, you can't really hear it? Let me turn it up."