By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 15, 2015

Here’s the catch-22 of the Bulletproof butter coffee trend: You want to jump on the trend but you don’t have the energy or mental clarity necessary to do it because you haven’t started drinking butter coffee yet. The answer to this conundrum is now on Kickstarter with Grass Fed Coffee – billed as “the world’s first ready to drink grass fed butter coffee” available in cans.

Just as with Bulletproof coffee, each 8 ounce can is packed full of everything you need to take advantage of all the purported health benefits of coffee mixed with butter and other less well-known ingredients. In the case of Grass Fed Coffee, the product is made from “cold brew coffee, grass fed butter, MCT oil, and organic chicory.” (Don’t fall for any of the GMO chicory!) But unlike Bulletproof, all this goodness comes prepackaged in a can: No need to struggle through making Bulletproof coffee at home.

“Butter Coffee is a better option, but many don't have time to purchase the ingredients, which can be expensive, or make the coffee themselves every morning,” the company laments on their campaign page. “GrassFed Coffee gives you all the benefits of brewing butter coffee at home anytime, anywhere.” And priced at just $3.99 in most packages, it’s probably good deal. The ingredients you need to make Bulletproof yourself are pretty pricey.

Grass Fed Coffee is already off and running on Kickstarter, raising nearly $10,000 as of writing. It’s got another 48 days to go, so seems destined to reach its $15,000 goal. From there, the cans are scheduled to ship in March of next year. Sounds like 2016 is going to be your most energized and mentally clear year ever!