By Clara Olshansky
Updated January 07, 2020

Who better to latte art-ify than the six friends who spent pretty much all their free time in a coffee shop? Barista Michael Breach, a Baltimore-born latte artist working out of Brooklyn who's gotten a lot of internet fame for his incredible coffee creations, has outdone himself with this delightful series of Friends portraits. Watch him draw the familiar faces of your favorite characters into foam in this delightful video from Elite Daily.

As Breach once told the Huffington Post, “I kind of want to be like Willy Wonka with coffee. Make it something interesting and fun for people...take the seriousness out of it.” Sure enough, watching his creations come to life in this video, there's a degree of magic to the whole thing. After all, how can a few strokes into the foam so quickly and vividly become Joey's smirk, Monica's sultry smile, or the iconic Rachel haircut?

And Breach can do so much more than just wonderfully nostalgic, single-color latte portraits. On his Instagram, you can find a doughnut latte accompanied by a full-color Homer Simpson latte, 3-D latte foam cat sculptures, and a nonpareils birthday cake latte so charming it could have come straight from a Wes Anderson movie.

Sip these lattes while watching this supercut of Rachel being a terrible waitress, Phoebe's coffee shop performances of "Smelly Cat," and, of course, the tear-inducing final scene of the show, when they decide to go out for coffee one last time.