Credit: © James Kerr

The podcast feed for your morning commute just got a little more caffeinated. Opposites Extract, the new coffee podcast from Joe Marrocco and our buddy Meister from Café Imports, which is the place to go if you’re looking to pick up green coffee beans for home roasting.

The show pits two coffee experts against each other in fierce debate (OK, maybe not that fierce) as they argue about all facets of coffee roasting, brewing and drinking. But be warned: This podcast will go deep into the coffee weeds. If you’re looking for an audio how-to on making the perfect pour-over, you may be a little overwhelmed. But if you’re looking to geek out over coffee with some real experts, add Opposites Extract to your regular rotation.

You can find the first episode, where Meister and Joe have it out over the place of machines in coffee brewing, if they can ever do as good a job as a human being and why more roasteries aren’t utilizing the power of camp fires. Download it from iTunes here.