Espresso Drinks

In addition to being served on its own, espresso is a key element of coffee drinks like macchiato, cappuccinos and lattes, all made by adding steamed or foamed milk to strong espresso. Espresso can also be added as a shot to a regular cup of coffee, or mixed with water to create an Americano. If you like strong coffee, swap our your usual cappuccino for a café Cubano. Make crema by whisking a tablespoon of espresso with sugar until it gets foamy, then pouring more espresso over the top. Add espresso to an almond and yogurt smoothie for the ultimate caffeinated breakfast, or freeze it into refreshing granita. Find these recipes and more in F&W's guide to espresso.

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Candied Almond Affogato
The Italian dessert Affogato is simplicity at its finest—all you need to make it is a scoop or two of gelato and a shot of hot espresso. Here, we've added almond liqueur to the mix for a little extra flair, and candied almonds and crushed amaretti cookies for some crunch. The elegant treat comes together in just a few minutes, making it an easy and impressive option for entertaining. (Plus, it can be doubled or tripled seamlessly.) Feel free to substitute orgeat syrup for the amaretto if you'd rather keep the affogato non-alcoholic. The gelato can be switched up, too—we call for vanilla, but almond, dulce de leche, or pistachio would also work beautifully. You can use an espresso machine or a mocha pot for the coffee, but we've included directions for making strong coffee in a French Press as well.