The perfect games to play while you enjoy a cup of joe.
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Credit: Courtesy of Emma Butz / John Haynes / Mischa Andrews

If the only thing that even comes close to your caffeine addiction is your video game addiction, then these are the games for you. Whether you're playing as a ghost-hunting barista or basically just playing "I Spy" but with objects in a coffee shop, these coffee video games are the perfect way to combine your two daily fixes.


necrobarista video game
Credit: Courtesy of Necrobarista / Route 59

In Necrobarista, a game that takes place in Melbourne, Australia, you get to work in a coffee shop filled with all the usual clientele: hipsters, gangsters, necromancers, ghosts—you know how it goes.


This uncomfortably relatable game, titled just Caffeine, takes place in a near future dystopia where everyone alive is way too addicted to coffee.

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee is basically the Diner Dash of coffee shop games: you just do your best to please Jo's customers. There's also a sequel available after you master the first version.

Coffee Shop Tycoon

Remember Roller Coaster Tycoon? Well, in Coffee Shop Tycoon, instead of building death-defying thrill rides, you do everything you can to try to create a popular coffee shop, from hiring and training employees to brewing the coffee to decorating the shop.

Coffee Rush

In Coffee Rush, you play an independent coffee shop owner trying to conquer the corporate monopoly's awful coffee shops one brain teaser at a time. And much like Candy Crush, there are multiple versions of this game to keep you occupied while you grab a cozy seat at the coffee shop.

Coffee Run

coffee run video game icons
Credit: Courtesy of Emma Butz / John Haynes / Mischa Andrews

Similar name, very different gameplay: in Coffee Run, you run around the city, getting faster with each cup of coffee you drink.

Coffee Stop

For a delightfully simple option, Coffee Stop is basically just Highlights Magazine's Hidden Pictures, but with barista-y items.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

In My Cafe: Recipes and Stories, an iPhone game, you play the owner of a local café trying to get to know her customers, manage her business, and make good coffee.

Coffee Maker

For the most delightfully, ridiculously straightforward option, the Coffee Maker iPhone app lets you just make and share a bunch of different virtual coffees and lattes.

Coffee Crisis

In this retro-looking game, aliens must be stopped before they take away coffee and heavy metal music from innocent Earthlings.

Don't Spill Your Coffee

Pretty self-explanatory. This physics game has all the elements it takes to keep you addicted.