Started by an Australian artist, the webcomic is a bitter (and hilarious) look at how coffee makes everything better.
dark coffee overhead
Credit: karandaev / Getty Images

This latest internet meme about a man and his talking coffee is causing quite a stir.

Australian artist "Raph" published his short webcomic "Coffee, you're my only hope," late last August, but sites like Reddit are giving it new life months later. A hilariously dark look at friendship, the comic sees a tear-drop headed character attempting to make the perfect cup of coffee while taking solace in the caffeinated morning drink. On the surface it's all very relatable to those of us that rely on a cup to rise from our beds every morning, but the farther you get into the six panel 24-word story, the funnier its quirky honesty becomes.

The character begins by speaking to his coffee a line cleverly similar to Star Wars: A New Hope dialogue uttered by a hologram of Princess Leia, to which the cup of hot liquid responds rather sourly, "Friends are meaningless in the landscape of time!" Raph's character adds a little milk to lighten the mood, getting a somewhat morbid, but less bitter reply. "Friends remind us that we're not dead," the coffee says, and it's the perfect encapsulation of coffee's magical (and superficial) properties.

The rest of the internet apparently thinks so, too, sharing the webcomic and even remixing it into new comically bitter interactions. That includes a joke where Raph's character literally loses his entire face to his coffee. It's a Russian doll of a joke, as readers are ultimately drawn to the fact that because the character never had any ears, he shouldn't have been able to verbally communicate with his coffee.

Since being published, the webcomic turned meme has earned itself a number of social media shares and an entry in the Know Your Meme digital catalog, which has set about tracing how the meme came to be, as well as how the coffee's dark humor has positively (and negatively) evolved.