This Portable Coffee Machine Lets You Make 'Fantastic Smooth Espresso' Anywhere

Just add coffee grounds and boiling water.

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Wacaco minipresso in a hiking backpack and making espresso by a waterfall
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If you're a big coffee lover, one cup in the morning is probably not enough to get you through the day. But rather than dropping tons of money on coffee while you're out and about, why not invest in a portable espresso maker you can bring anywhere? Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers recommend the Wacaco Minispresso GR Portable Espresso Machine for making your favorite coffee drinks anytime, anywhere.

The mini espresso machine doesn't require batteries or electricity, and you can use any type of coffee grounds. It includes a built-in cup and scoop for the grounds and a 2.35-ounce water tank. As long as you have access to hot water, you can use this coffee maker everywhere from the office to a hotel room to a camping trip.

To use the portable espresso maker, first remove the cup from the top of the gadget and unscrew the portafilter underneath. Next, use the included scoop to add 8 grams of coffee grounds to the filter basket and screw all the pieces back into the top. Now you can remove the water tank from the bottom and add in boiling water up to the line. Once you reattach the water tank, twist the piston in the middle of the gadget counterclockwise to unlock it and pump it over the cup to produce the espresso.

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine
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To buy: Wacaco Minispresso GR Portable Espresso Machine,$55 at

Shoppers passionate about their morning brew strongly endorse the Minipresso. "I love coffee, and this Wacaco espresso maker is one of my favorite additions to my coffee collection," a reviewer wrote. "It is extremely simple to use, makes fantastic smooth espresso, and is easy to bring and use on the go."

A second shopper added, "This is very easy to use, [and] the espresso tastes great on its own or in a latte. The best part is its size. We can take it on the go or use it at home without cluttering the kitchen countertop with another device. I'm planning on gifting this to a few friends and family in the future."

Especially if you don't have the space or budget for an entire espresso apparatus, this mini machine is a no-brainer. Shop the Wacaco Minispresso GR Portable Espresso Machine for $55 on Amazon.

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