Coffee Makers

There are so many different kinds of coffee makers—vacuum brewers, French presses, drip coffeemakers, and percolators are just a few. Trendy pour-over coffee requires a pour-over dripper which holds a coffee filter full of grounds as a stream of hot water is poured on top. This creates a rich brew that's collected in a single-serve cup or pot. French presses work a bit differently; similar to brewing tea, you steep the coffee in hot water and then press out the grounds. Other coffee makers, like Keurig and Nespresso machines, can create a variety of single-serve coffee drinks—even espresso-based drinks, like cappuccinos and lattes. Learn how to use all kinds of coffee makers in our guide.

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Chemex Brewed Coffee, Using a Paper Filter

Brewing coffee with a paper filter–lined Chemex carafe makes light-bodied coffee with a bright flavor. Here, Michael Phillips, of Los Angeles’s Handsome Coffee Roasters, gives his instructions for this method, requiring a Chemex carafe, Chemex white paper filters, a burr grinder and a kitchen scale. Slideshow: Coffee Buzz Words