The company claims it's a hit with the Wall Street crowd.
bulletproof coffee butter
Credit: © Jordan Pie / Bulletproof Coffee

Butter and coffee may never go out of style, but butter in coffee… the jury is still out on that one. So, in its efforts to keep its brand of butter-infused, supposedly brain-enhancing coffee in consumers’ conscious, Bulletproof has announced its open its third official cafe, and first outside of California, in New York City.

According to Bloomberg, Bulletproof’s founder and CEO Dave Asprey said that his unique take on coffee was embraced by Wall Street early on “so it makes sense to have one in New York City.” Though details on just when and where that location will arrive are scarce, apparently the brand believes that opening more physical locations can help make it become more mainstream. A fourth store is planned for Seattle, and the company already has its sights set on Austin, Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco. Currently, Bulletproof only operates cafes in Los Angeles and nearby Santa Monica.

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Obviously, customers at a Bulletproof café can expect to find the brand’s signature combination of Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee (the “upgraded” part means it steers clear of “performance-robbing mold toxins,” of course); grass-fed, unsalted butter; and the company’s own Brain Octane Oil (which is apparently derived from coconuts). But though the forthcoming NYC store will primarily be coffee-focused, it will also have grab-and-go food. Bloomberg points out that, for instance, the Santa Monica location currently offers up a who’s who of trendy foods throughout the years – things like breakfast burritos, bone broth and corn-less tacos. The exact menu for the New York café isn’t discussed, but you’ll most likely have to head elsewhere for your bagels and pastrami.

Though it may feel like Bulletproof already hit its peak trendiness, you can actually still find Bulletproof products in over 1,000 retail and grocery stores nationwide, including at big names like Whole Foods. The company even says that sales were up 37 percent last year. “We’re building a global brand,” Asprey said. And with all the Brain Octane Oil they’ve been consuming, you can only assume his team is doing it the smartest way possible.