A barista shares everything that customers should keep in mind when it comes to morning coffee.
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Credit: © Luis Alvarez / Getty Images

Every day, millions of people fill their local coffee shops to the brim in order to obtain their critical morning joe. But as intense as the morning rush can be for those caffeine-craving crowds, it's even more so for the baristas across the counter, who are literally working to make your day possible. To help make it more comfortable for everyone, Camilla, a barista in a major American city, breaks down everything she wishes customers knew about the morning rush.

1. Espresso is (much) harder.

"Espresso beverages are an order of magnitude more difficult than coffee or tea. If one of those would satisfy you, it can be a weight off the barista's back."

2. Keep it moving.

"Talking with your friends or on the phone while at the counter is extremely rude, and slows things down a lot. Pause it for thirty seconds please."

3. Know your order!

"Please, please, please know what you're ordering by the time you reach the register. If you need time to think, stand a few feet away or let the next person in line order. Having your order and your payment ready by the time you get to the counter is really helpful in the mornings."

4. Don't leave a mess.

"Leaving trash on tables and making the barista leave the counter slows us down a lot, and is a huge pain. There's nothing I hated more than cleaning up after people. Take a second to wipe up your coffee ring, and carry your ****ing sugar packets to the trash.

5. Leave real tips.

"People should tip their baristas more across the board. When you drop your coins in the cup, and pocket the bills, you're often tipping your barista in the single digits. It's insulting. Serving dozens of people and walking home without enough tips to cover your metro fare home is BS."

6. Remember your barista is a fellow human, but also remember they're at work.

"It's great to be treated as a human being rather than a fleshy robot, and expressing that doesn't have to take long. Often there are moments when we have to stand there punching buttons, and a word or two is easy.

"But chatting us up during more involved tasks like steaming milk, or checking out the next customer, can be a challenge to deal with. Remember that it's almost impossible to disengage from a conversation as a service employee, and try to read between the lines."

7. Don't overestimate the barista-customer relationship.

"You may think you're 'the cool customer.' Nine times out of ten you're not. If your barista throws you stuff for free, this is a good sign that they actually like you."

8. If there's a mistake in the order, it's okay to ask nicely for a correction—just try to follow these guidelines.

"Most baristas want people to enjoy what they're making, and that means getting the right drink. Replacing a drink doesn't come out of their pocket, and if you haven't had any, they may be able to just pass the drink to a future order, especially if it's something simple or common.

"However, be aware that "I'm so sorry, but I think this is the wrong drink. Do you have time to perhaps replace it? I'm really not bothered, so don't if you're too busy." is a request the barista is not allowed to take sincerely, and they must accommodate you, so think before you ask. If the line is at least four people long, try not to request remakes.

"If you must though, try to identify who is taking drink orders. It may be easier to request a replacement through them, so they can communicate it to the barista at an appropriate time."

9. Appreciation is appreciated!

"When someone takes the first sip, and gives that sincere 'mmm,' or comments on the quality of their latte art, it did make my day."