Here, some of baristas' favorite new trends.

By David Kastle
Updated May 23, 2017

In F&W's survey of America's Favorite Food Cities, you chose Seattle as the best coffee destination in the country. There are so many factors to creating the perfect cup, including adapting to constantly-changing tastes and preferences.

Slightly darker roasts. These signal a backlash against the lighter-roast trend that originated in Norway and spread though America, too often producing thin, astringent coffee.

Insanely precise brewing recipes. Baristas are getting hyperspecific: "Combine 26 grams fine grind with 340 grams water at 96 degrees Celsius in a Hario V60 using rinsed Filtropa paper filters."

Farmer shout-outs. Instead of simply listing the country of origin, roasters are crediting individual farms. Seattle's Kuma Coffee, for example, identifies Santa Rita farm in Guatemala.

Top-quality milks. The best cafés are using low-pasteurized milk sourced from local farms and making nut milks in-house.

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