I’ve Been Making Pour-Over Coffee for Over 5 Years, and These Are the 7 Products I Use Every Single Day

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Pour-over coffee for me, is more than a way to get a quick caffeine fix (although, it definitely serves that purpose, too). Instead, it’s a ritual. While you could use one of these machines instead, the motion of grinding beans while half-asleep, then pouring concentric circles over the grounds, and watching them bubble up is meditative. And in my opinion, there’s no better tasting cup of coffee than one that’s brewed by hand.

But getting started on a new routine, or taking on a new kitchen task can be daunting. If you’re looking to embark on your pour over journey, it’s much easier than it looks. And to help you out, these are the seven products I think are essential to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, starting at just $17. 

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription


To buy: from $17 at drinktrade.com

First things first, you need good coffee. I’ve been using Trade Coffee since 2020, and it’s the best. The brand has access to roasters all over the country, so even though I live in Austin, Texas, I can have Seattle-roasted coffee shipped directly to my door. The amount of coffee to choose from is way better than my grocery store, and I love that with a recurring subscription, the next bag always arrives just as my current one is about to run out. 

Hario Gooseneck Kettle

Hario V60 "Buono" Drip Kettle Stovetop Gooseneck Coffee Kettle


To buy: $40 (originally $60) at amazon.com

A quality kettle is essential, and it has to have a gooseneck. Not only will this allow you more control when pouring in concentric circles over your coffee grounds, it also makes it easy to ensure you’re not overwatering your beans. This is the one I use, and I’ve had it forever, but because of its stainless steel design, it still looks brand new on my stovetop. 

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper Pour Over Cone Coffee Maker


To buy: $24 (originally $30) at amazon.com

Of course, one of the most important items here is going to be the dripper itself. This Hario V60 is a tried-and-true classic. It fits over most coffee mugs and has spiral ridges inside which supposedly help with layering coffee grounds for more flavor. I’m not entirely sure about that but what I can say is that this thing will last for as long as you need to use it. 

Escali Primo Digital Scale

Escali Primo Digital Food Scale


To buy: $27 at amazon.com

In order to ensure that your coffee-to-water ratio is perfect, you need a quality kitchen scale, and I’ve had this one for over five years. Some other scales have a timer feature, but I’ve tried them, and never ended up using it. Instead, this can measure in grams and ounces, stays on long enough to brew a cup, and even though I’ve spilled coffee all over mine at least 10 times, it still works perfectly. I don’t know if it’s waterproof, but at this point, I’m assuming mine is. 

Fellow Ode Grinder

Fellow Ode Burr Grinder


To buy: $255 (originally $299) at amazon.com

The most expensive item you’ll need to buy for your pour-over set up is a coffee grinder, and it’s well worth the investment. In order to get the freshest flavors from your beans, you need to grind them right before brewing. I personally love the Fellow Ode Grinder. It has plenty of different grind settings, and looks extremely sleek on my countertop. After all, looks do matter. 

Able Kone Filter

Able KONE for Chemex: The Original Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


To buy: $40 at amazon.com

I used to use paper filters, but I would always run out of them. That or they’d suddenly collapse, and I’d end up with Turkish coffee. This little mesh cone has likely saved me money in the long run, and is easy to use and wash. Whether you’re a pour-over expert or just starting out, I couldn’t recommend this enough. 

East Fork Mug

The Mug

East Fork

To buy: $40 at eastfork.com

You put in all of that work to brew a great cup, now it’s time to enjoy it. East Fork makes mugs worthy of your creation. They are made in Asheville, North Carolina, and come in a variety of different colors to match your style. I have a collection of ceramic mugs I’ve gathered from everywhere, but for some reason, maybe it’s comfort, maybe it’s aesthetics, this East Fork one is the mug I choose nearly every day. 

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