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Shortcut Café Brûlot
Scholar and cookbook author Jessica B. Harris has been a part-time resident of New Orleans for many years. She shared her shortcut recipe for a Cafe Brûlot, which she likes to serve after a meal at her summer home on Martha's Vineyard. Café Brûlot is a signature cocktail of New Orleans, where it's prepared tableside at restaurants in an elaborate process that culminates in pouring flaming, citrus- and cinnamon-infused brandy down a clove-studded orange peel into a special silver-lined punch bowl, then dousing the flames with chicory-flavored coffee. Instead, Harris eschews the fireworks and special equipment, opting for a greatly streamlined drink that's much easier to prepare at home. In her version, warmed orange liqueur and cognac, fresh lemon and lime juice, cinnamon, cloves, and hot coffee come together in a simple but satisfying warming, boozy after-dinner cocktail that can be quickly prepared, served, and savored. You can serve the drink directly from the heatproof bowl it's prepared in, or do as Harris does:  "I mix it all and pour it out of an antique Victorian tea pot." Note this is a very potent drink. "The booze doesn't burn off," Harris cautions. "Serve in demitasse cups. No seconds."
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Yemeni Pour-Over Coffee
This is coffee as a meditative process and tradition as opposed to a quick way to caffeinate. Slowly pouring the water over the grounds in a circular motion three different times pulls out the flavors of the beans and results in a drink unlike anything you'll find at a coffee cart. Try sipping this black before adding anything to it in order to fully experience the flavors.
Candied Almond Affogato
The Italian dessert Affogato is simplicity at its finest—all you need to make it is a scoop or two of gelato and a shot of hot espresso. Here, we've added almond liqueur to the mix for a little extra flair, and candied almonds and crushed amaretti cookies for some crunch. The elegant treat comes together in just a few minutes, making it an easy and impressive option for entertaining. (Plus, it can be doubled or tripled seamlessly.) Feel free to substitute orgeat syrup for the amaretto if you'd rather keep the affogato non-alcoholic. The gelato can be switched up, too—we call for vanilla, but almond, dulce de leche, or pistachio would also work beautifully. You can use an espresso machine or a mocha pot for the coffee, but we've included directions for making strong coffee in a French Press as well.