Credit: © David Burton / Alamy

Is this just a cute animal post? Maybe, but it's a pretty cute animal post. On hump days, you might think to yourself, “wow, I could use a drink right about now.” But wouldn’t that drink be better if a tiny hamster served it? The owner of one such hamster thinks it would be.

According to Rocketnews24, the owner of Ginji the hamster is a tombstone salesman in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture and it is not totally clear why he decided to outfit his furry friend with a full bar setup including miniature sake and Asahi. But it’s probably because hamsters make everyone happier. This hamster has managed to garner a sizable social media paw print of over 50,000 Twitter followers, which is impressive no matter what species you are.

So just take a moment now to forget that you have more work to do or that you don’t have a bartending hamster of your own and enjoy a drink with Ginji.