It's not always tequila's fault.

A new study takes a long, hard look at American drinking habits, and the results aren’t very flattering. The addiction resource and community surveyed 2000 people from across the country about their drinking habits—particularly, the things they do when they’re over the edge: spending hundreds of dollars, even lighting fires (6 percent of respondents said they’ve set fires while drunk.)

Fascinating statistics emerged about the types of alcohol people are typically drinking when they do things they regret, and it appears that beer gets us into the most trouble. Here are some of the most common inebriated mistakes, plus which beverages are (partially) to blame.

Getting arrested

Of the roughly ten percent of people who said they’d been arrested while drunk, 90 percent of them said they’d been drinking beer (and half said they’d been drinking vodka.)

Waking up with a terrible hangover

Tequila, unsurprisingly, is implicated several times throughout the survey, with participants saying the spirit gives them the worst hangovers of any alcoholic beverage.

Getting tattoos

Rum doesn’t get off easy, either—41.18 percent of people who admitted to getting tattoos when they were drunk said rum fueled the decision, though 81.25 percent said beer.

De-robing in public

Beer, it seems, causes the most trouble. Of the one in three people who said they’ve found themselves naked in public after drinking (that number seems very high), beer was involved 75 percent of the time.


The reduced cognitive capacity that ensues from drinking can lead to some bad spending choices as well. Per the survey results, the most expensive bar tabs at the end of the night came from Florida, with the average highest bill totaling $279. Mississippi followed just behind with a $263 tab, then California with a $213 bill.

We live in a time where more and more data about American drinking habits has become available to us, and the results aren’t always pride-inducing, like another recent study that found that seven of the ten drunkest cities in America are in Wisconsin.

See the full survey results here.