Speed Rack is coming to New York City this Sunday, May 22nd at Webster Hall. Don't miss out.

By Kate Krader
Updated May 24, 2017
Speed Rack
Credit: Courtesy of Speed Rack

What's better than an expertly made cocktail you ask? I say, watching a bunch of amazing and super talented women mix that drink in the time it takes you to grab a couple bottles off the shelf. Welcome to Speed Rack, the contest/party that shows off the skills of the best up-and-coming female bartenders around the world—and fights breast cancer at the same time. The brainchild of two elite mixologists, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, Speed Rack travels across the U.S., staging competitions until the woman who makes the best drinks in the fastest time is crowned Ms. Speed Rack. In the process they've raised almost half a million dollars for breast cancer charities.

It's now Season Five, and Speed Rack is coming to New York City this weekend! Sunday, May 22nd at Webster Hall! I'm a judge! Come drink with me and cheer on the 16 great contestants. And meanwhile, consider some of these amazing stats for this Sunday's Speed Rack, provided by Cooper Cheatham from Double Barrel Consulting.

Amount of punch that will be served to the audience

140 Gallons (!!!)

Look out for vodka, bourbon, rum, tequila and Irish whiskey punches, and lots and lots of gin.

Number of bottles of booze on hand

150 (for the competition)

347 (for the audience punches)

The Basics, by the Case

Lemons - 12 cases (for approx. 12 gallons of fresh lemon juice)

Limes - 9 cases (for approx. 6 ¼ gallons of fresh lime juice)


75 pounds of Kold Draft

55 pounds of Scotsman Pebble Ice

1,350 or so pounds, just for the punches

Season 5's Fastest Competition Times

New York City's own Lacy Hawkins (of the Nomad Bar) made 4 drinks in virtually 2 minutes (2.01.20, to be precise)

Genna Barone from Boston had the fastest base time, of 1.53. But penalties brought her time up to 2.08.68.

Money Speed Rack has Raised to Fight Breast Cancer: $444,348.58 (AWESOME)

There's still tickets for this insanely great competition. Get them here and see you there.