6 Essential Tequilas and Mezcals for Your Home Bar

Our favorite bottles for sipping, mixing, and more.

The best tequilas and mezcals for your bar

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Whether you’re a fan of the occasional Margarita or tequila-spiked Bloody Mary, or prefer treating yourself to a neat pour of high-quality tequila or mezcal, you should always have a selection of great agave-based spirits in your home bar. You know, in case of emergency. The six below are a great place to start: They range in price from the everyday-friendly to the kind of spirits that feel like an occasion every time you taste them. No matter what you’re in the mood for, these six have you covered.

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All-Purpose Tequila: Don Julio Blanco

Readily available and providing excellent quality for the money, this peppery, citrus-kissed tequila is a great addition to a Paloma, a Margarita, or even just a rocks glass filled with ice. Also make sure to check out the new Don Julio Rosado, whose finishing stint in ruby Port casks has lent it a fascinating layer of wild berry fruit that makes this dangerously delicious both on its own and in fruit-forward cocktails.

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Next-Level Tequila: Cierto Private Collection Reposado

The best tequilas and mezcals

Courtesy of Cierto Tequila

Cierto’s elegant lineup of tequilas is new to the American market and worth paying attention to. They’re well-made tequilas from the vibrant blanco to the plush, sweetly spiced extra añejo. This reposado, which was aged mostly in French oak, finds a successful balance between fresh and caramel-enrobed apples and pears and creamy citrus, alongside the woodsy spice of oak.

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Strictly Sipping Tequila: Marques de Casa Noble

The best tequilas and mezcals

Courtesy of Marques de Casa Noble

Aromas of vanilla and cinnamon stick, as well as toffee and nougat, set the stage for a palate of caramelized agave, pralines, dried tropical fruit, white chocolate, mashed honey-coated almonds, and a subtle saline finish that demands another sip. This is a decadent tequila that brings together añejo and extra añejo tequilas, and exemplifies how to do extended aging brilliantly.

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All-Purpose Mezcal: Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal Chichicapa

The best tequilas and mezcals

Courtesy of Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal Chichicapa

Entirely made from Espadín agave, this bursts from the glass with singed mint and chamomile, as well as lemon-lime, white and black pepper, and lingering notes of coriander seed through the long, layered, subtly smoky finish. In cocktails or on its own, this is a phenomenal addition to any home bar.

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Next-Level Mezcal: Amarás Logia Cenizo Mezcal Artisanal

This expression, made from Cenizo agave that was 14 years old at harvest and then fermented with indigenous yeast, is delicious, with sweet notes of cinnamon, clove, and licorice beautifully balanced against hard pears and hints of oregano, all of it structured on a food-friendly spine of salinity and cigar tobacco.

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Strictly Sipping Mezcal: Fósforo Mezcal Tobalá Penca

The best tequilas and mezcals

Courtesy of Fósforo Mezcal

This is a fascinating spirit that will appeal to fans of both mezcal and Scotch whisky from Islay. It’s crafted from Tobalá agave and then aged for up to three months with a submerged agave penca, or leaf. The resulting spirit is kissed with cigar tobacco and baseball-mitt leather, both of which are countered by baked apples, dried honeysuckle, and grilled stone fruit. The smoke is sweet and slightly iodine-seamed, lending each sip complexity and balance.

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