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Learn how to make signature cocktails, the history behind your favorite drinks, and how to appropriately pair wines from your favorite industry insiders, including bartenders, vintners, and spirits enthusiasts.

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Gibson Martinis
The Gibson—a variation on a Martini made with a splash of pickled onion juice and garnished with a pickled pearl onion—doesn't get enough love, but we're here to change that. The key to a great Gibson is to make your own pickled onions; the flavor and texture of homemade just can't be beat, and you will also have extra to add to your next cheese board, salad, or sandwich. We might call for adding just one onion to each martini, but don't let that stop you from sneaking in a few more into your glass.

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Espresso Martini
Shaking the ingredients with ice creates a foamy “crema” atop this bittersweet coffee-flavored martini from cocktail guru Ericka Duffy. Be sure to squeeze the orange peel over the drink; the citrus-oil aroma is essential for balance.