Cocchi Rosa Americano is a pleasantly bitter concoction of wine infused with rose petals and other aromatics.

By Charles Antin
Updated May 23, 2017

Cocchi Rosa Americano

What It Is: Cocchi Americano is an Italian aperitif—a pleasantly bitter, low-proof concoction of wine infused with herbs, spices and other aromatics. This is the pink version, made with a base of Brachetto and Malvasia wines.

What It's Like: Being whacked in the face with a dozen roses, except without the thorns. There’s good reason for that—the base wine is blended with rose petals, in addition to ginger, citrus and cinchona (the source of quinine).

How to Drink It: Swap it for the vermouth in a Manhattan, or top off a glass of sparkling wine to make a tasty pink Kir Royale variation.