I love having an excuse to call Dave Arnold, because it means the conversation will eventually turn to his newest piece of repurposed lab equipment and, ultimately, cocktails. Earlier today I called Arnold to talk about steam ovens (for an upcoming story), but we were soon discussing his latest find: a secondhand centrifuge. I guessed it was for clarifying soups or sauces (think of all the consommés!). Nope: It’s for drinks. “I’m going to use it to clarify juices for carbonated cocktails,” he said. (There are two things you quickly learn about Dave: He likes his liquid crystal-clear and full of bubbles.) Clear liquids are easier to carbonate, which will come in handy should his plans for opening a R&D-driven cocktail bar (think house-carbonated wines and spirits, liquid nitrogen-chilled drinks, unthinkable infusions) with pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini come to fruition. But for now, Arnold will concentrate on spinning his gin-and-tonics to perfection.