Spanish Vermouth
Credit: Courtesy of González Byass

Want to get in on the new-wave Spanish vermutería trend without splurging on a ticket to Madrid? No problem: The Spanish versions of this traditional French elixir have begun to turn up in the US, making it possible to start pouring them at home.

Lustau Vermut Rojo ($22)

A blend of 10-year-old sherries gives tremendous depth of flavor, and a secret mix of botanicals adds distinctive citrus-smoky notes. Drink it on the rocks, or use it to make a killer Manhattan.

González Byass La Copa ($23)

This historic sherry bodega uses recipes from their archives dating to 1896—and ingredients including wormwood, clove, angelica and nutmeg—to create this darkly exotic aperitif.

Priorat Natur Vermut ($27)

For this sultry vermouth, white wine from the Priorat region is macerated with local wild herbs and spices like fennel seed, cumin, rosemary and cinnamon, then aged at least two years.