It’s official: 2017 is all about rum. From classic formulas to bottles that tinker with its time-tested blueprint, here are our current favorites.
Spirit of the Year - Rum
Credit: © Philip Friedman

1. Albany Distilling CoA creamy, tropical rum, Quackenbush Still House ($36) pays homage to Albany’s colonial distilleries.

2. Rocker SpiritsThis microdistillery in Littleton, Colorado, operates out of a converted garage, but there’s nothing scrappy about the peppery, aged Rocker Rum ($45).

3. District Distilling Co. The Washington, DC, outfit just rolled out its Buzzard Point ($30), a white rum made with panela, a brown sugar.

4. Plantation Rum. Caribbean-based distiller Alexandre Gabriel enlisted cocktail historian David Wondrich to perfect the O.F.T.D., a slightly smoky caramel bomb ($32).

5. Får North SpiritsThe Ålander Spiced Rum ($40) from this Minnesota producer, spiked with vanilla and nutmeg, is a perfect base for hot toddies and punch.

6. Maggie's Farm Rum. The rum-focused Pittsburgh distillery is a favorite among local chefs. We love the dark, bold La Revuelta ($35).