So many classic drinks rely on rum: the piña colada, dark 'n' stormy, mai tai and mojito, just to name a few. And rum doesn't discriminate based on season. Icy daquiris and crowd-pleasing rum punch are perfect for summertime get-togethers, while hot buttered rum can expertly warm you up on a chilly fall or winter night. No matter which rum is your favorite (and there are plenty of varieties), Food & Wine's guide give you tons of ideas for your next cocktail.

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Coquito, or "little coconut," is a traditional creamy rum punch served in Puerto Rico for Christmas and throughout the winter holidays. While some cookbook recipes refer to the drink as coconut eggnog, each family puts their own twist on the drink: Some include eggs or egg yolks, others do not. Shamil Velázquez, the executive chef of Delaney Oyster House in Charleston, stands firmly in the no-egg camp. Velázquez's coquito recipe takes its richness and viscosity instead from coconut cream and three types of milk, while warming spices and white rum add aroma and flavor. In Puerto Rico, some families use pistachios, almonds, and even Nutella to flavor their proprietary blends. "People get crazy with this stuff around the island," Velázquez says. "My family's signature is the ginger, which gives a little spiciness. That's what makes ours different."
Frozen Hula Hoop
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A sweet-tart blend of pineapple, raspberry, and lemon adds fresh fruit flavor to this slushy frozen drink from Erick Castro spiked with white rum, Aperol, and dry red wine. With plenty of heat from the trio of alcohols, those fresh summer fruits keep the drink well balanced. Make your own raspberry syrup by infusing simple syrup with fresh berries, or purchase a bottle at the liquor store or online.
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Marc Farrell Wants to Change the Way You Think About Rum
"A lot of people in the U.S. think of rum as this lower-end spirit tied to the sugary spring-break cocktails they had in Cancún or Jamaica. But rum can be so much more inspired and authentic than that."
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Watermelon Daiquiri
Preparing fresh watermelon juice gives this blend-and-sip cocktail from Ten to One distillery CEO/founder Marc Farrell a burst of cool melon flavor, though fresh, high quality store-bought juice will work here, too. It’s a rum drink for margarita lovers, with a salted rim that balances tart lime juice with sweet agave syrup and just as easily makes 1 drink with leftover juice as it does 8 for a crowd.

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White Rum and Aperol Spritz
Mildly spicy poblano liqueur and tangy passion fruit liqueur add delicious complexity to this white rum–spiked Aperol spritz from Ten to One distillery CEO/founder Marc Farrell. Boozy heat from white rum gives a pleasant bite to a bubbly summer staple. Choose your fizz: use sparkling water to let the spirits and liqueurs shine through, or use a splash of sparkling wine to tame the tart piquancy of the drink for a mellower sip.
Rum Negroni
Ten to One distillery CEO/founder Marc Farrell's Rum Negroni takes the classic bitter drink in a refreshingly fruity direction. Teetering between sweet and bitter, Gran Classico Bitter’s 25 aromatics add warmth and depth to this citrusy drink, and a twist of fresh grapefruit peel perfumes each sip, highlighting the floral, clean finish of white rum.

Pear-Apricot Rum Cooler

Sweet, floral pears and jammy dried apricots lighten up the rich caramel notes of the dark rum in this fall-forward cocktail. Don’t skip the crushed ice; it melts just enough without watering down the flavor.