Pisco is a brandy made in the winemaking regions of Chile and Peru. But don't try to determine who invented it first: both countries have a longstanding rivalry about who gets to call this grape-based spirit their own. Whether you're exploring Chile or Peru or mixing a drink here at home, you have to try the classic pisco cocktail, the pisco sour. With lime juice, simple syrup and an egg white, this tangy drink tastes great and looks beautiful with its white, foamy head. Use Food & Wine's guide to pisco to find traditional cocktail recipes mixed in with creative ideas that you can find on bar menus around the country.

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Kettle Cove
Grapefruit brings out the delicate floral flavors of Peruvian pisco, an unaged grape brandy, in this frosty blended drink, says bartender Trey Hughes of Portland Hunt & Alpine Club in Maine. Freezing the spirit in advance helps keep the whole concoction cold. If you're fan of sweet-and-salty drinks like margaritas, try sprinkling with a pinch of flaky salt.
5 Enlightening Ways to Help You Drink More Pisco
The South American grape-based brandy pisco lies at the center of a heated debate: Who invented it first?Peru and Chile both claim to be the creators of pisco, and there’s evidence to support each side. The spirit has been produced and exported from both countries for hundreds of years and even serves as the national drink in both places. Peru and Chile may distill or age their pisco differently, but they can both agree that the potent brandy is worth celebrating, preferably in a classic Pisco Sour.The original Sour’s a great starting point, but pisco’s eager for a little side action. Perhaps a friendly muddle with clementine and cilantro or a float of hibiscus syrup? Pisco’s on board, and you should be too.This piece originally appeared on Liquor.com.
Pisco Sour
A splash of orange juice helps smooth and sweeten this heady Peruvian cocktail. Slideshow: More Latin Cocktails Recipes 
Oregano Cobbler
Alba Huerta adds fresh oregano to give a savory edge to this cobbler made with pisco, a South American brandy. “Oregano has such a big flavor, you have to tell people up front it’s in the cocktail. It can’t be a surprise,” she says. Slideshow:  Beautiful CocktailsRecipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015 
3 Incredible Pisco Cocktails (Sour and Punch Not Included)
We’re calling it. The next big spirit you’ll be seeing on cocktail menus is pisco.
The Essential Pisco Primer
While it’s cropping up on cocktail bars across the country and a quickly growing spirit category, pisco is still a mystery to most. Here, a helpful pisco primer.

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Caipirinha vs. Pisco Cocktails: 6 Drinks to Make for the Brazil-Chile World Cup Match
The knockout stage of the World Cup begins tomorrow with Brazil facing its South American rival, Chile. Here, three Caipirinhas and three Pisco cocktails to enjoy on game day.
Pisco Sour
The pisco sour, a whiskey sour variation, was invented by Victor Morris in Lima, Peru, in the early 1900s. He likely used lime juice, but some pisco sours today use lemon while others use both. Shaking first without ice (a.k.a. dry-shaking) emulsifies the egg white and gives the drink an airy texture. Slideshow:  Beautiful Cocktails