Pisco is a brandy made in the winemaking regions of Chile and Peru. But don't try to determine who invented it first: both countries have a longstanding rivalry about who gets to call this grape-based spirit their own. Whether you're exploring Chile or Peru or mixing a drink here at home, you have to try the classic pisco cocktail, the pisco sour. With lime juice, simple syrup and an egg white, this tangy drink tastes great and looks beautiful with its white, foamy head. Use Food & Wine's guide to pisco to find traditional cocktail recipes mixed in with creative ideas that you can find on bar menus around the country.

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Oregano Cobbler
Alba Huerta adds fresh oregano to give a savory edge to this cobbler made with pisco, a South American brandy. "Oregano has such a big flavor, you have to tell people up front it's in the cocktail. It can't be a surprise," she says. Slideshow:  Beautiful Cocktails Recipe from Food & Wine Cocktails 2015 
Pisco Sour
The Pisco Sour originated in Lima, Peru, but the version we know today, with a frothy egg white topping, was created in the U.S. Pisco is a brandy-like alcohol distilled by grapes, used in this drink along with bright, tart lime juice and sweet simple syrup. The whipped egg whites dotted with bitters on top make the texture of this drink especially silky; use a pasteurized egg here to avoid any sort of bacteria from consuming a raw egg white. Keep the extra Simple Syrup on hand to mix in other cocktails.