I celebrated the new year in Boston, which gave me the opportunity to check out Barbara Lynch’s innovative new cocktail bar, Drink. The genius of Drink is that there is no actual drink list—daunting to the cocktail novice, but at the same time, extremely helpful in my pursuit of cocktail knowledge. The lack of choice forced me to ask questions and interact with the bartenders. Bar manager John Gertsen helped me better understand my go-to cocktail, the gin and tonic. I wanted to know what, in his opinion, is required to elevate a G&T to perfection. His expert opinion:

1)   A good, aggressive gin that won’t be overwhelmed by the tonic water. While English gins are always best with a classic G&T, Drink also stocks Anchor Brewing Co.’s Junípero, which has a great, junipery snap.

2) Tonic water that has a bit of a bite to it. Gertsen makes a light-pink-colored tonic water at Drink with citrus peel, citric acid, cinchona bark and quassia chips, which have a resinous, piney quality.