I know that PDT is one of the best places to drink in New York City, the United States, maybe even the world (more on that in F&W's Go List in the upcoming May issue). And I can get into a lot of trouble drinking the Paddington, which includes, among other things, rum, Lillet and orange marmalade; it's also a favorite of an F&W Best New Chef 2009 because he used to wear Paddington bear pajamas—more on that in the upcoming July issue).

But I'm here to talk about other things at PDT, not just the celeb clientele I promised PDT's star mixologist Jim Meehan I wouldn't name here. (I can say, though, that there's no VIP entrance. Pop stars and their girlfriends have to walk through the phone booth just like everyone else.) For one thing, PDT has added to its roster of feel-good foods (fried hot dogs, Tater Tots with cheese sauce and jalapeños) a new item that happens to be one of my all-time favorite desserts: the black-and-white cookie. Don't think about the lame, dusty plastic-wrapped versions at bodega checkouts. Think of a truly excellent, freshly baked, perfectly frosted black-and-white cookie made by Rockland Bakery, which also makes PDT's hot dog buns. And if cookies as a cocktail chaser seem a little weird to you, there's a new hot dog that will be debuting on the PDT menu this weekend: The Sam Mason dog, named for and created by the supercool chef-owner of New York City's Tailor, will be topped with huitlacoche (the Mexican corn-fungus delicacy) and coated in tequila corn-bread batter. Sam Mason himself may be at PDT for the unveiling of the huitlacoche corndog. Look for him walking through the phone booth.