The Benson Cocktail from Cure in New Orleans. Tequila.

© Brian Malik

The Benson Cocktail from Cure in New Orleans gets its color from arugula.

I’m about to turn 30, and I think someone is trying to tell me to celebrate by drinking tequila. Piece of evidence #1: In the past week, four bottles of tequila have arrived on my desk out of the blue. #2: Patrón sponsored last night’s Best New Chef party, and the stellar cocktails reminded me that tequila is good for way more than margaritas (and shots, of course). #3: Today, we tested a killer tequila-based drink from Neal Bodenheimer of Cure in New Orleans. He developed it to go with this crab roll, which was served recently at a party thrown by Mad Men actor Bryan Batt, but in the magazine, we paired it with wine instead. Nicely balanced between sweet and tart, with a slight peppery edge thanks to muddled arugula, it’s dangerously easy to drink but still tastes grown up. It's so perfect for leaving my twenties behind, I'm considering making it by the pitcherful.  Click below for the recipe.