Whether you want a G&T or something a bit more complicated.
Gin Parlour
Credit: Noah Fecks

When you’re after a great G&T, martini, or Southside, who can you trust to point you in the right direction? A gin professional. Jacob Ryan is the New York-based brand ambassador for the Australian distillery Four Pillars Gin — so knowing the city’s best gin bars is, indeed, well within his job description. We asked Ryan to share his go-to gin bars in Manhattan; here’s what he had to say.

Gin Parlour at The Intercontinental Barclays

“A true gin nerd’s oasis,” according to Ryan. “Using the trusty Gin & Tonic as your canvas, with one of the more expansive gin back bars in the city, you can explore a multitude of styles of gin while people-watching at this oval bar.”

Manhattan Cricket Club

Ryan’s go-to spot on the Upper West Side for a well-crafted cocktail. “Their gin drinks are spot on, whether you like them stirred an boozy, or citrusy and refreshing. With a 50/50 Martini in hand, this place will not disappoint.”

Bathtub Gin

“Great fun and great drinks,” says Ryan of this Chelsea speakeasy. “They have a solid gin selection, and some great bartenders. Ask them to knock you up a classic Fitzgerald” — gin, lemon, simple, Angostura— “and you’ll never be far from a good time here.”

Little Branch

“Jazz and gin drinks go hand in hand,” says Ryan. “This West Village bar delivers on both fronts, with great bartenders, live jazz and a whole lot of fun. With a Southside in hand, you’ll almost forget you have responsibilities!”


“Due to gin’s storied history with the British Navy,” says Ryan, “what better place than to enjoy a Gimlet at this subterranean yacht on Mercer Street. Great food, and always lively.”

Mother’s Ruin

The name refers to the “Gin Craze” of early 18th-century London, but Mother’s Run serves far more than just gin; it’s New York’s quintessential industry bar, a neighborhood joint “that will whip you up a great drink with fresh ingredients, and fast.” Ryan’s favorite nights are those when there’s a gin-based cocktail in their famed slushy machine. “But if not, a refreshing Gin Mule with house made ginger beer will suffice.”