7 Low-Alcohol Drinks That Are Perfect for Thanksgiving

Some of our favorite low-ABV beers, hard seltzer, and punch to help pace yourself over the holidays.

Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Punch with Toasted Spices
Photo: Photo by Greg DuPree / Prop Styling by Claire Spollen

Thanksgiving dinner is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep that advice in mind with your drinking, and you’ll be on a steady path for the whole holiday weekend. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your brother’s limited-release 8.5% ABV New England IPA that he smuggled across six state borders just for you, of course. But check out the lower-alcohol, low-calorie craft beers and seltzers here — as well as former F&W editor Josh Miller’s sparkling cranberry-ginger punch recipe — for a chance to focus your overindulgence on the meal itself.

Two Roads H2roads Cranberry Lime Hard Seltzer

Over beer entirely? The latest craft brewery trend is upmarket hard seltzer. Two Roads H2Roads’ bright, zingy Cranberry Lime is 4.5% ABV and has just 110 calories.

Oskar Blues One-Y Ipa

IPAs, typically high in alcohol, have recently been reimagined in lower-strength form. Colorado’s Oskar Blues’ version hits the “hazy” trend with plenty of citrus fruit hop pop and only 4% alcohol.

Hoof Hearted Rosé Gosé

For beer-averse family, break out this Rosé Gosé from Ohio. It’s a pink-hued, pucker-inducing sour with refreshing acidity, more akin to a wild natural wine in flavor, and with just 4.2% alcohol.

Sufferfest Head Start

When cold weather calls for a darker session beer, California’s “purpose-brewed” brand Sufferfest ships its Head Start stout at just 4.5% alcohol, with the added kick of coffee and coconut water.

Night Shift Nite Lite

Once the realm of big brands, light lagers now have craft brethren full of biscuity undertones and lemony zip. The 4.3% ABV, 120-calorie Nite Lite from Night Shift is a great example.

Harpoon Rec. League

Rec. League is billed as a “cool-down companion,” fitting into the growing functional beer trend. Massachusetts’ Harpoon hits it out of the park with this full-flavored pale ale that offers just 3.8% ABV.

The Bruery Terreux Brite Ideas: Hibiscus Lime

Seeking a jolt of citrus without the bitter notes of an IPA? Try a tart, low-ABV sour like Brite Ideas — it’s both extremely crushable and enticingly complex.

Sparkling Cranberry-Ginger Punch with Toasted Spices

This low-alcohol punch leans on tart cranberry juice and spicy ginger ale for a big punch of flavor, allowing the booze to take a back seat. Frozen cranberries stand in for a traditional punch ring, keeping this fizzy drink nice and cold. Have an extra bottle of cold sparkling wine on hand for guests to top off their cups.

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