Jacques Pépin's favorite holiday cocktail is the perfect low-alcohol drink.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Wry Manhattan

After a night on the line, most chefs have a go-to drink, from cheap beer to a house bartender’s expert cocktail. Here, star chefs reveal their favorite drinks.

During the holiday season, chef Jacques Pépin makes a cocktail inspired by Julia Child’s husband, Paul, who used to mix up reverse martinis (lots of vermouth, a little gin). “I call mine a Reverse Manhattan,” Pépin says. “It’s made with bourbon and vermouth in the opposite ratios as in a real Manhattan—several ounces of sweet vermouth, a lot of ice and a wedge of lime, with only one or two tablespoons of bourbon. I like a regular Manhattan, too, but this one’s easier to drink.”