What happens when a professor of ultrasonics and "the edible inventor" put their minds together? They make cocktails levitate! Charlie Harry Francis, founder of the blog, “Lick Me I’m Delicious,” and his newest collaborator, Professor Bruce Drinkwater of Bristol University, just unveiled a machine they are calling the ‘Levitron.’

The Levitron uses ultrasonic sound waves to create a levitating field that traps droplets of liquid and allows them to float in mid air. Here's the kinky part: then you get to lick the cocktail out of the air. Yep, this is happening and it’s part of a project the two mad men are calling: Contactless Cutlery.

According to Professor Drinkwater, “sound waves, even in the form of your voice, have an inherent amount of power.” The machine—a cone that outputs the sound—is reflected off a plate, which forms a repeating wave that forces the droplets to hover. Happily, the ultrasonic spectrum being used by the Levitron is beyond the range of human hearing.

So far the team has tested the technique on a gin and tonic and a Bloody Mary made with 160 proof vodka, which, Francis tells us, “Will blow your socks off.” Frankly, the higher the alcohol the better when you're consuming drinks by the drop. “You need a decent poke of alcohol to get an effect from it,” notes Francis.