On a recent visit to New York City's 15 East, a new Japanese restaurant from the owners of Tocqueville (also in Manhattan), I tasted the most exquisite sushi and sashimi I've ever had. (No, I've never been to Masa; I'm still waiting for the money from one of those long, lost funds in Nigeria to come through.) While 15 East was not cheap—a sushi omakase (chef's choice) costs $55—they allowed my boyfriend and me to share the three-course sashimi and sushi omakase for $75, which was enough food for two. If the food weren't so great, I'd say the highlight of the meal was the Beer Kir, a brilliant cocktail made with Sapporo and drops of honey-sweetened Benímosu, a purple-potato vinegar. This unexpectedly delicious drink was as pretty and pink as a regular currant-scented, wine-based kir but tangier and even more refreshing.