Credit: © Magnified Self

“Why hasn’t anyone invented a cocktail shaker that utilizes the Bluetooth technology on my phone?” I can hear you screaming from the rooftops. Turns out someone has, it just hasn’t reached its Kickstarter funding goal yet.

B4RM4N isn’t your favorite new EDM artist, it’s “a smart shaker that helps you mix perfect cocktails every time. No scale, measuring cup or skills needed. Just pour, shake and serve!”

How can making the perfect cocktail be so simple? The B4RM4N shaker allows you to follow a simple four-step process. 1) Launch the shaker’s phone app and connect to it via Bluetooth. 2) Use the app to select from more than 100 recipes. 3) Pour the ingredients the app specifies into your B4RM4R. LED lights and sounds will instruct you when to stop and move on to the next one. 4) Shake and serve.

If this all sounds like something from the Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk realized he has a drinking problem, you’re not too far off. This high-tech shaker can suggest drinks based on what’s in your liquor cabinet; it allows you to share creations with their online community, and even “muddle directly in the shaker.” It does pretty much everything, besides turning your raw potatoes into a dirty martini (patent pending).

B4RM4N is hoping to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to go into production. As we write this, it’s already topped the $36,000 mark. Early bird buys are still available for $99, with the price ultimately landing at $149.

The campaign ends December 5. That’s just enough time to forget everything you’ve ever learned about mixing drinks.