The latest destination for craft gin in England? The airport.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017

Here’s a great reason to fly through Gatwick rather than Heathrow on your next trip to London: Gatwick now houses a craft gin distillery. The Nicholas Culpeper is named after an English botanist and herbalist from the 17th century whose books and methods greatly influenced practitioners of holistic medicine. The gin reflects the herbal interests of the distillery’s namesake: Master distiller Matthew Servini makes his super-small batch London Dry gin with botanicals from around the world like Chinese cassia bark and Indian Angelica.

Opening today, the distillery includes an on-premise shop and bar, which will serve gin cocktails like the Summer Thyme (gin, cucumber, elderflower and soda water) and the Bramble (gin, blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon and sugar). You don't need a ticket to visit (since the distillery is located ahead of airport security), but you do need to be okay with going to an airport for fun.