Gin is a neutral grain spirit that is redistilled with botanicals, with the predominant flavor being juniper berries. Since every brand uses a differing combination of flavorings, gins are usually identified by their botanical profile. Besides juniper, common botanicals include angelica, coriander, orris root, orange peels and licorice. If you're looking to delve more into the world of gin, Food & Wine's guide explores its history, the best brands to try and great cocktail recipes that go beyond a G&T.

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Third-Wave Swizzle

A swizzle stick is the key to a cold, well-mixed, frothy drink, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can use a long bar spoon to mix (although you won’t get as much frothing). To create the best froth and chill, rub the swizzle stick in between both hands to swish the stick back and forth in the cocktail.

Spiced Maple Gimlets

With warm, rounded flavors like maple syrup and sarsaparilla, this gin cocktail is comforting and deeply flavored, rather than light and aromatic.

9 Great Gins for Summer Cocktails

Gin is back in a big way. Here are the best ones for your icy summer cocktails.

Martini Inverso

Bartender Sam Johnson turns the classic martini on its head, swapping dry sherry for vermouth and inverting its proportion to the gin. The result is briny and bone-dry and an excellent aperitif.    Slideshow: More Gin Recipes 

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The Bumble

Bartender Sam Johnson is playful (and literal) with this cocktail, using the Spanish term “manzanilla,” meaning chamomile, with manzanilla sherry. He brews the tea and creates a concentrated syrup, then adds the syrup to the shaker with sherry, gin, and an egg white for a refreshing, frothy cocktail.    Slideshow: More Gin Cocktail Recipes 

Negroni and Tonic

This twist on a gin and tonic gets a bitter kick from Campari and grapefruit peel. Slideshow: More Gin Cocktail Recipes 

This Top Shelf Gin Is Infused With Old Harley-Davidson Parts

For more than $1,000, you can drink the essence of flathead, knucklehead, or panhead.