The Dark and Stormy is this year's caipirinha, at least here in New York. Almost without exception, the cocktail is a combination of muddled limes, Gosling's Black Seal rum (a very dark, molasses-based Bermuda rum) and ginger beer, another Caribbean staple. And the more gingery the beer the better: The hard-to find Barritts brand is worth seeking out, but Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew is easier to find and gingery enough.

At first I couldn't get enough of this concoction: It's deep and complex enough to weather a blizzard, yet sharp and refreshing enough for a mid-summer tsunami. But a poorly made Dark and Stormy quickly becomes Light and Watery. The other night I took the classic recipe a step further, adding two more Caribbean-born ingredients: Velvet Falernum—a sweet, lime- and herb-infused liqueur—and Angostura bitters. This result: a more complex, all-weather version of the original. Get out your umbrella.

Darker and Stormier

Makes 1 cocktail

1 lime, quartered


1 1/2 ounces Goslings Black Seal Rum

1 ounce Velvet Falernum

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Ginger beer

In a highball glass, muddle the limes. Fill the glass with ice, add the rum, Velvet Falernum, Angostura and stir well. Top with the ginger beer, stir gently and serve.