For a little while now, Food & Wine's fantastic cookbook intern Julia Bainbridge has had the day August 13th circled on her calendar. Why? Because she's been looking forward to the next installment of Mixology Monday - a monthly virtual cocktail party that she's become obsessed with. Here she shares details:

As part of my research for Food & Wine’s 2008 cocktail guide (yes, we're already working on it), I check out as many Web sites as I can find. A couple weeks back I discovered Paul Clarke’s Cocktail Chronicles and soon found links to other sites, like Camper English’s Alcademics, A Dash of Bitters and Jeffrey Morgenthaler. It turns out these guys have some pretty large (and wonderfully discursive) real estate in the blogosphere.

One of the coolest things on these sites—the one thing that links them all together, besides their commitment to digging up lost and forgotten cocktails—is Mixology Monday. Started by Clarke in April 2006, it’s a monthly event for drink bloggers (and nonbloggers, too, using the drink forum at eGullet) to mix up themed cocktails and share recipes. Past themes have included Pastis, Bitters and Winter Warmers. Following the party, the host compiles a list of participants and their drinks and posts an event roundup. “It’s regular, it’s communal and it’s fun,” says Clarke.

The theme for August 13, or Mixology Monday XVII as they like to call it, is Orange, so look out for both Curacao and orange juice at host site Intoxicated Zodiac Blog. Me, I'm hoping to see some orange bitters and flaming orange twists.

Can novices join in on the fun? “The more people the better for everyone who is passionate about vintage cocktails,” says Lauren Clark of These drink guys have what they call “blog love” for each other, and now I most certainly have “blog love” for them.