Cognac is a type of French brandy, made from acidic white wine and produced in very restricted regions in France. It’s delicious in all kinds of cocktails, is wonderful as a sauce for steak and veal dishes, and adds rich flavor to desserts. Jacques Pepin makes an apricot-cognac sauce to serve with warm chocolate cake simply by whisking apricot jam into the brandy. If you enjoy classic cocktails, try this boozier take on a Pimm’s Cup, or get creative and swap cognac into a Mai Tai or a French 75. Whether you need a boozy dessert or a new cocktail idea, F&W’s guide to cognac has all the recipes you need.

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Boxed Cocktails Are the New Boxed Wine

The St. Agrestis bag-in-a-box Negroni is the perfect large-format summertime cocktail.
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Smoked Cherry Bounce

Smoking juicy, sweet Bing cherries infuses them with a heady, savory aroma. The depth carries into boozy cherry bounce—after a three-month rest. Plenty of sugar, a touch of bright lemon juice, and smooth brandy round out this vibrant homemade cordial.
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The Cocktail I Come Back to Every Summer

La Paloma is a relentlessly refreshing Mexican tequila cocktail that’s perfect for bringing out to the patio. Or the fire escape. Or just a wide-open window.
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There's Never Been a Better Time to Start Infusing Vodka

Just pour vodka over your ingredient of choice, let it steep overnight, and you’ll have a cocktail base to last all week.