Our discerning features intern Nick Pandolfi complained that living a bit off the beaten path in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he couldn’t get a classic Sazerac cocktail or the perfect Manhattan without taking the train into the city. Last week he came to the office with exciting news about a hot new cocktail spot in Brooklyn. His report:

On October 1st, Brooklyn’s cocktail scene changed when Stephanie Schneider and Andrew Bogs, both alums of the Danny Meyer empire, opened Huckleberry Bar on Grand and Lorimer Sts. in East Williamsburg. The two masters behind the bar began working together in 2001 at Blue Smoke.  Stephanie moved on to Jean Georges and then Hearth, and Andy spent some time bartending at Village.  Last year the pair decided it was finally time to branch out on their own and bring all the skills they'd picked up along the way back to their Brooklyn neighborhood.

Unlike most of its classy predecessors - Pegu Club, Little BranchPDT - Huckleberry Bar seems a little out of place surrounded by the discount fabric stores and bodegas that have been on the block for decades.  But Stephanie and Andy knew it was time for a place like Huckleberry Bar.  It was a risk, but so far it’s been successful.  Hopefully, they are forging a path that other entrepreneurial bartenders will follow.

The pair's cocktail menu is divided into two sections: classics and seasonal creations, like the Emma Frost: a perfectly balanced combination of Makers Mark, Crème de Peche and Lapsang Souchong tea.

Since winter has arrived a little early, they’ve added their arsenal of hot cocktails to the list this week. And they were generous enough to share one of the recipes.  Stephanie and Andy’s version of a traditional hot buttered rum uses vanilla and allspice-infused Cuban rum (which we couldn’t get our hands on at F&W, so we had to improvise). Dissolved palm sugar adds a bit of a Caribbean kick.

Huckleberry Bar’s Hot Buttered Rum

2 oz. allspice and vanilla bean infused rum (let half a vanilla bean and one teaspoon of lightly crushed allspice berries infuse with a cup of rum for two hours)

3/4 oz. melted unsalted butter

2 Tbs palm sugar

6 oz. almost boiling water